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Hunting Club




The Hunting Club - Sobotka Jezeřany-Maršovice has currently 15 members provozovat carring out the execution of the hunting law in a rented hunt area of 936 ha thereof 877 ha of land and 59 ha of forest. The hunt has borders with the deer-field of Moravský Krumlov and Hunting Clubs from Trboušany, Loděnice and Vedrovice.  

The most area of the hunt is land with prevalance of roe deer and ground animals. Temporarily appears also wild board. The most significant is the roe deer. Its population is on a good number level promoted with medal trophies of hunted roe-deer.

Among ground animals there are mainly hares and pheasants. The population of hares rises up, which can not be mentioned for pheasants. Their increase is mainly influencend by an outbreak of predators and animals harming the hunting.

Further there are partridges in a several pairs in the hunt, who are regularly in predator danger during winter seasons.

In the past, there were plenty of wild rabbits with its presence all over the hunt. Unfotunately its population was in 1975-78 assaulted with a virus disease - mixomatoza in such extent, that the rabbit disappeared from the hunt. It is a considerable damage, because the predators has now smaller selection and switched to hares and pheasants.

The hunt gives a possibility to see a few of rare animals, like e.g.: hoopoe, bee-eatter, nightingale, in winter time: chatterer, little owl, brambling, out of birds of prey: merlin, stock owl, snowy owl. and buzzard.

What we miss in the hunt is natura water resource for all animales and therefore each member of the Club has a duty, apart ftom game feeding in Winter, to refill water in man-made watering-places in the hunt.

The mission of the Hunting Club is above all care for animals and nature protection. The hunt itself is a flashpointof of all club activities and reward for thos, who care about the hunt.

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Function Name
Vladimír Martínek 605 454 616
Jan Eckl 721 620 477
Administrator of gun-range, hut, www, hunting guard, shooting officer Radovan Eckl 606 501 348, This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Hunting guard
Miroslav Janů

515 336 815

Cash-keeper, secretary Jan Světlík st.
606 347 385


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